Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Daily Barack Attack

It doesn't rhyme, I know.

I don't know how I feel about Barack Hussein Obama. He's good looking and well spoken and smart. Compared to John McCain, he's a 10. But...

I think what turns me off about him is his whole family dynamic - his father in particular. His father reminds me of the African men in Things Fall Apart, which is not a good thing. The whole bigamist, white-woman loving, disenaged father movement he had going, not a good look. Then, the mom comes across like a dippy sex tourist. The whole multiple baby daddies, fucking all the disenfranchised natives thing she had going on seems rooted in something clinical. Not that any of that is his fault. I know that but its in the back of my mind and kind of colors my reaction to hearing him reffered to as Black.

He's bi-racial (as white as he is Black) and his experience hasn't been that of the regular nappy headed urban youth. I know that but White America doesn't and everybody from Hal at the Quickmart to Angelina Jolie's pervert looking father is scared to death about what it'll mean for a BLACK man to become president.

The only thing certain if John McCain is elected president is that he'll bomb Iran. I haven't heard him propose shit or once explain his plan for the economy or education or anything at all, really. But a vote for McCain is a vote against Obama and that's all that counts. Something about Obama really bugs the shit out of people. They would rather have McCain with one foot in the grave and the other on the nuclear football than to see this intelligent and charasmatic thinker in office.

They can't stand this dude and they are reaching for anything to a reassure themselves he won't win...Boy, are they ever. The other day, dead serious, there was an article on Drudge Report asking seriously, if Obama wasn't too fit, dead serious, to be president. In case I phrased it in a way that confuses you: the question in question is whether or not at 6'1.5" and 190 lbs, Obama is in too good shape to be President. If, because most Americans are fat, his not being fat, alienates them and thereby disqualifies him from the Oval Office. That's reaching.

But I think the singular worst thing to come out of the article is the non-mention of the fact that John McCain's liver spotted decrepit looking ass is five feet, seven inches tall. Dead serious. I'm taller than him. So is my 14 year old.