Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama's a Hypnotist, John McCain Did Very Well in the Debate, Sarah Palin Inspires People and Other Things You MUST Believe

Dear reader, I have been slacking in my blogging not because there hasn't been anything to blog about but because its fun doing hood rat stuff and I've been indulging in that instead. When we last spoke, it appeared that the bailout was dead. It made no sense, numerous economists said it was unnecessary, probably wouldn't make a difference and despite McCain suspending his campaign (but not his attacks on Obama) to rush back to Washington to push it through, the bailout was unpopular with the American people. Even the Kool-Aid by the barrel conservatwits. So it seemed like good sense had prevailed and we were going to hold on to that trillion.

But alas! Not so fast.

The bailout was signed into law a week later. Sucks to be us because we're each on the hook, every man, woman and American child for about $8,000 now, with no guarantees of ever seeing that money again.

Moving on, McCain and Obama debated two more times. Actually, debate is not really the word. Obama was tasked with presenting: presenting his tax plan, presenting explanations for his relationships with various people, presenting his credentials for having the audacity to be running for president. McCain was there for a performance:

"Ultimately, it seems unlikely that McCain cut into Obama's lead through this performance. And Obama may have taken another small step towards making Americans comfortable with the prospect of his presidency."

Gergen: McCain's Performance "An Exercise In Anger Management" (VIDEO)

Charlie Black on McCain's Performance

Global Media: McCain Put On His Best Performance, But Obama Still Wins The Debate

McCain's performance mixed in crucial debate

I don't know why it was a performance for McCain or why the bar has been set at that point but Obama won the debates- all of them.

Probably because he's a hypnotist. Dead serious. I'm linking the article because I got it from which is a weird 9/11 truth, Bush conspiracy theories, but still republican website. with a big following. I read the article and all I could think was "not so much". The reason people are voting for Obama is because he's a fresh face and comes across as a thinker as a opposed to a brash, warmongering idiot like Bush- Bush the republican from McCain's party who he's side by side with on 90% of the issues and who electing McCain president would be like giving a third term.

People are voting for Obama because McCain does not look healthy and Palin as president would be like not having a president. At all. Speaking of her, the hype has died down a little bit and the media even is recognizing that they really wigged the fuck out trying to pretend she won the debate with Biden. Her core constituency, fat white women who wished they looked like her, are still firmly in her corner but after bombing every speaking engagement and the fake folksy "you betcha doggonit" crock o' doodoo, and inciting rednecks and racists at her rallies to where people were like they are endangering Obama's life, she's done. She is going to appear on SNL tonight- as herself.

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