Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pluto in Capricorn...Thank God!

Pluto travels into Capricorn November 28, 2008 and stays there for 16 years. I have been reading alot about this transition and while I agree with some of the basic ideas:

* "Pluto's reach will extend beyond governments, however. Capricorn also rules the elderly and end of life issues, and Pluto's passage through Capricorn could transform the way we vi
ew the entire process of death and dying, including the disposal of the body after death."

* "
The recession, the major shifts in corporate power, modern slavery - all coming as the inevitable result of Pluto entering Capricorn."

"The exporting of jobs overseas in the Pluto in Sagittarius era has empowered Asia, and there may be little the outdated institutions of Europe and America can do about this. Pluto in Capricorn will initiate a painful transformation of Western business structures. Business will move east, and power concentrated in an international elite who owe allegiance to no one nation."

I think the fundamental failure to truly understand "Capricorn" energy in turn skews the understanding what is about to happen. I'm a Capricorn, a New Year's Baby, and I gravitate towards other Caps. I worked as a registrar in an emergency room and always made it a point to talk to other Capricorns as I registered them. None of them EVER fit the mold. None of them were ever the stuffy, rigid, gloomy, "conservative" types you read about. Capricorns are as individual as their circumstances. What I do find though is we tend to dress well, protect our loved ones, find misery in poverty and have a raunchy sense of humor.
But that's about it.

Sagittarian (sp?) Pluto bought alot of hot air posing as depth (the punditry), overlooking the minute but essential details for a "big" picture (the Patriot Act destroying the fundamentals of American freedom as a blanket tool for combating domestic terrorism) and sexual experimentation as normative (all the "gone wilds", stimulating lesbianism and "hot girl on girl action" became the norm for every buddy pic, where french kissing was once a biggie "first base", teens are now having group and anal sex as a matter of course) and globalization. We were transformed by this and no longer the same. But Capricorn learns from Sag's failings and there is a rebirth.

I think we are going to see an end to all the political BS in this era. Capricorns do so good in politics because we owe no allegiance to the prevailing way of doing things and we're above all, innovators. Barry Goldwater, Karl Rove, Nixon, Rush Limbaugh are all Capricorns who innovated the way their party does business. Those men are Right Wing Republicans but the determination to exersize their free will showed the Capricorn spirit more than the repressive hypocritical nonsense they preach. Rush Limbaugh blathers on for hours everyday about the Democrats' lack of integrity and family values- while high on Oxycontin. Karl Rove helped institute the biggest invasions of privacy and the destruction of the concept of anonymity through his work in the Bush Administration but lived himself as a regular person, in an unremarkable house in the cut somewhere. When he was targeted by some kind of crazy immigration group, they went right to his house and banged on his windows. One of the most hated people in America and he had no gates, no security around his property, probably because he didn't want those people in his business. I would be very surprised if Karl Rove walks around with a security team, even now.

We're going to see the death of many religions and philosophies too, as they don't produce results and call for a blind faith that Capricorn energy doesn't support. The Laws of Attraction and the Secret and all of that nonsense will go the way of the mood ring as hard work and practical efforts in search of tangible results make a return. Capricorns are superstitious and spiritual in our own way but we find that way looking at what works for us. Religions and philosophies that don't work won't survive this era.

We're going to see the end of the police state too, as Capricorn is very private and will not stand for the intrusion. Some disagree with me on this. They cite the relation between Pluto (investigative and probing) and Saturn (government and institutions) and say that will foster the gov't doing more probing and investigation. However, when I look at how during George Bush's time in office, we weren't even able to ascertain if he'd served during Vietnam for all the spin, all the secrecy surrounding election fraud in both elections; the gov't using private industry to compile citizens' information while sealing public records and declaring state property their own, a la Guiliani; media complicity in intrusion after violation after assault after assault on the Constitution, I can't help but contrast it to now and the dissection of the candidates lives and corporate & governmental scandals in the New Media. People are in a different place now.

We're going to see a return of Mom and Pop and other "family" businesses. The coming finacial contraction will impact BIG business hard because there will be a return to cash (for privacy and frugality - you don't spend cash the way you charge and Saturn will put an end to Jupiter's sprees) and people will make smaller purchases and expect them to last. Cheap, flashy things and the people who supply them are going to lose and lose big.

Speaking of family, we are going to see a return to the Father as the head of household. That's controversial, I know. We're going to see the return of clans and nepotism as the way of doing business. And the resurgence of dynasties.

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